Zita Kovács (Kovács és Lánya): We are surrounded by great respect

Zita Kovács started wine making seven years ago so she was among the first ones to experience the prejudices of the profession and the audience: “At the start of my career there were hardly any ladies in the profession so in most events I was taken for a hostess rather than a winemaker. Fortunately, the world has changed a lot since then. Now I design the labels for the bottles and I can also sneak my creativity into the names of the wines. As a female wine produceer I feel that by now people turn to me with respect and trust as a winemaker and not only as a woman.”


Zita Kovács

Zsófi Laposa: We brought new spark to the profession

Years ago the profession was much more closed and male-centred and it was not by coincidence since winemaking is not only expertise, but also serious physical work. However, due to the recent technological development the gates opened up for women, too. Nevertheless, Zsófi Laposa new already at a young age that winemaking is the career of her life. After the university she spent a few harvests in California, Burgundy and Bordeaux and eventually finished her Master’s degree from wine production in Bordeaux. “The profession is much more open and accepting by today. I think it is also refreshing for the winemkaing community to meet more and more women in professional events and tastings. We represent gentleness and uniqueness in our vocation and we have invigorated the winemaking society!"


Zsófi Laposa

Krisztina Csetvei (Csetvei Winery): Attending the wine exhibition with a baby

Krisztina became the founding owner and winemaker of the winery in Mór in 2011, but the her life revolves around her one and a half year old daughter, Panna. “Each tank and each barrel is the winemaker’s own child, but Panna’s arrival is the biggest miracle in our life. Raising a child is quite well compatible with my profession:she has been with me since she was two-weeks-old in each wine tasting and this year she is also coming to the harvest. Among others we will also present at the VinCE Budapest Wine Show our wine named after our daughter, which was given the name Panna Rose due to its soft Chinese peony colour.”


Krisztina Csetvei

Andi Gere (Gere Attila winery): Refining the family winery with elegance

According to her own opinon Andi Gere has always been in an easy situation, because her father, Attila Gere also wanted to hand down to her the management of the family winery. “Today we are managing the estate together, we discuss everything and decide together; my father has never made an ego issue out of this. The impact of femininity is also felt more and more in the new wines of our winery, the style of which has refined a lot in recent years. I think the heavy, determined wines of men are nicely balanced by the elegance and grace of women, with which we, ladies can make the Hungarian wine palette more colourful.”

Andi Gere

More information: https://vincebudapest.hu/

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