Among the 2017 International Hospitality Awards® nominees were 315 hotels from 21 countries of Eastern and Central Europe: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Slovakia, Moldova, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. 28 winners in different nominations will be selected out 101 hotels that reached the final.

Participation in the International Hospitality Awards® 2017 is free of charge. All hotels wishing to compete for the title of the best in Europe in one or two nominations submitted their applications from August, 1st to November 30th.

The nominees are proportionally assessed on the basis of the professional opinion of the Jury Members (50%) and consumers’ rating in the international online Booking systems: (25%) and (25%). Thus, not only opinion of the Jury Members will influence on results but also guests` impression.

The main values of the Awards are independence and impeccable reputation. Official Auditor of International Hospitality Awards® is the international auditing company Deloitte.

Mission of the Awards - is not only awarding of the best hotels, but also development of professional and competitive hospitality industry through promoting achievements of local hotels and resorts. The Awards assists in the development of the quality of hotels’ services and stimulates the growth of the competitiveness in hospitality industry of local markets as well as abroad.

The Awards is held by HOTELIERO Club that used to organize Ukrainian Hospitality Awards® since 2011. After 5 years of honoring the best hotels in Ukraine it has been decided to withdraw to the international level and launch International Hospitality Awards®.

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