The showroom, complete to the last detail with flowers, coffee-maker, shampoo and soap, is a five-star sight to behold. Journalists were advised that it had been designed with fine elegance (which wasn’t difficult to see) and Moorish style elements in mind. One of the room’s key requirements is the “Bedding Concept”, which “is supposed to guarantee the most comfortable and relaxing sleeping experience possible: the use of synthetic materials, among others, is prohibited and only the best quality down pillows and quilts are allowed. In addition, even the material of the upholstery and the cladding is specified, so only wool carpets and marble bathroom units will be used in the rooms”.


When Párisi Udvar Hotel is finally finished, it will have 92 such guest rooms plus 18 suites. No self-respecting top-end hotel is without conference rooms – theirs will seat 230 people – , a spa and wellness centre, restaurant, café and bar, and these will all be included. The food and beverage outlets as well as shops will be situated within the unique Párisi Udvar arcade, under the building’s cupolas.

This will be the second European hotel to join The Unbound Collection by American hotel chain Hyatt, and the only Hyatt hotel in Hungary to date. Hyatt, the media was told, is providing guidance to ensure that the hotel will meet the company’s international standards in every aspect.

One requirement for guests’ convenience will be “the application of the most modern Property Management System (PMS) connected to the central reservation system of Hyatt, including convenience features like online check-in or express check-out. Through this franchise membership, Párisi Udvar will have the opportunity to use the other systems of the hotel chain, for example, the Hyatt Loyalty Program and the quality assurance software”.

Párisi Udvar Hotel will be managed by Mellow Mood Hotels, the proprietor of the nearby Buddha-Bar Hotel in the Klotild Palace and several other Budapest accommodations.

Párisi Udvar's two-storey passage connects Petőfi utca and Ferenciek tér, one of Budapest's oldest squares. Construction of the building started in 1909 and was completed in 1913, one year after the death of the architect, German-born Henrik Schmahl. The building was called Brudern House, named after the earlier property on the site, which dated from 1817 and had an arcade modeled after the Passage des Panoramas, a glass-covered passage in Paris.


The new Brudern House was mixed-use, with a sumptuous shopping arcade on the two lower levels and room for offices on the upper levels. Its arcade was named Párisi udvar (Parisian Court) as a reference to the original arcade.

The downtown building has been a national monument since 1976. Most of the pieces that need restoring have been taken to workshops and are being brought back to life there, with each segment’s design plan approved by the national heritage preservation authorities.


Kroki Studio was responsible for the interior design of Párisi Udvar, the food and beverage design concept was developed by Blues Sky Hospitality Ltd., a British company, while Market Építő Zrt. is in charge of the construction. The new hotel is a HUF 13.1 billion project.

Tamás Fazekas, Director of Párisi Udvar Hotel, said: “The rules of Hyatt are extremely stringent and, in many cases, regulate the tiniest details. The strict quality requirements serve the purpose of ensuring that the customer experience guests enjoy day to day are consistent all over the world. Naturally, we pay maximum attention to every component, from the materials used in the rooms, to furniture and the selection of service providers, for we intend to provide the highest standard of service also through this.”

Project Manager János Hermesz added: “During the past six months we have come across serious static problems, which were not known from the former documentations of the building or building diagnostics . . . This means that the structural engineering will be completed at the end of February and, in the following six months, the facade will be finished, the cupolas of the arcade will be restored, the scaffolding will be removed and we will open the building in autumn.”

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