Why do doughnuts and bagels have a hole in the middle?

While there are many legends around how the hole in the doughnut was created, the most plausible one is that it allows the dough to be fried as evenly as possible. The case of the bagel is relatively clear: the hole reduces the preparation time; being first cooked and then baked, this way more surface is covered by the crunchy crust. Furthermore, the hole allows easier handling of the pastry; it’s simpler to get out of the water and the ready-made rings can be easily transported when threaded on cords or hung on bars.

The Donut Library – a library for sugar addicts

Just like the muffin, the doughnut also found its way from the United States to our local bakeries. For a large selection, you are advised to visit the Donut Library. You can buy there the sweet rings in all possible versions (prices ranging from HUF 300 to 400 each): chocolate, caramel, strawberry, apricot, white, pink, sprinkled with pistachios or biscuit crumbs. The Donut Library is proud to work without using taste-enhancing agents or artificial colourants, instead of which it uses only natural ingredients. The sweets can be ordered to-go or eaten right there with a cup of coffee. The cosy atmosphere is provided by armchairs and numerous shelves filled with Hungarian and English books. The fact that The Donut Library is a real success is clear to see, because it happens often that the loyal clients are already waiting outside before it opens, to get their usual morning doughnuts.

22 Pozsonyi utca, District XIII

Open: Monday to Saturday10am- 8pm, Sunday noon- 8pm


Fánki Donuts – delicacies to-go

This small shop in Nagymező utca, the “Budapest Broadway”, neither has a lot of seating nor the most comfortable furniture, however the quality of the doughnuts makes up for it all. Fánki Donuts stands out especially thanks to its creativity. For HUF 300 or 330 you can buy the usual vanilla or chocolate varieties but also popular tastes from the USA such as the Boston Cream Donut, or Hungarian originals such as the Túró Rudi Donut or the Donut à la Gerbeaud, which was inspired by the recipe of the cake of the house at the famous Pest café. The name Fánki Donuts is a play on words created from the English word “funky” and the Hungarian word “fánk” (in English: doughnut). In addition to the sweet pastry they offer hot chocolate, coffee and special teas. You can order takeaway, too.


6 Nagymező utca, District VI

Open: Monday to Friday 9.30am- 8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm

Pre-orders: (+36) 30 570-4102


Budapest Bägel – the hearty ones at Kálvin tér

Although many people think of New York as the alpha and omega of bagel culture, the origins of the yeast dough ring actually go back to Central and Eastern Europe. Bagels were popular in Jewish cuisine here in the early 17th century already. So it was high time that Budapest, hosting a blooming Jewish culture nowadays, became part of the bagel fever too. Many cafés and bistros in the capital have put bagels on their menus in the meantime, but the best of them are still found at Budapest Bägel. The small shop near Kálvin tér offers a really convincing selection: you can get everything here, ranging from the simple bagel for HUF 250, to the bagel sandwiches filled with smoked salmon or Parma ham for HUF 950, up to the Deluxe filled with sirloin steak strips for HUF 1150. They pay special attention to freshness: the bagels are baked several times a day right there in the shop, using a recipe brought back from Israel by the operators. The ingredients for the fillings come from the nearby market hall.


4 Baross utca, District VIII

Open: Monday to Friday 8am- 7.30pm, Saturday 8am- 7pm

Pre-orders: (+36) 30 846-4453


IÑEZ Bagel Shop – home-made in heart of city

Just like Budapest Bägel, the IÑEZ Bagel Shop also opened at the peak of the bagel wave in 2014. The small, minimalist shop operated by a young Hungarian couple is right next to the art cinema Toldi on Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út. Like the other specialty shops of its kind, the shop does not have many seats. However, it offers an almost daily changing offer of delicious bagels at moderate prices (HUF 790-980). The IÑEZ Bagel Shop is not scared to try unusual combinations of flavours: there is the Caribbean Bagel for example, filled with tomatoes, rocket, avocado, salami and mango, or the Turkey Bagel, which gets a special note from the French Brie and wine grapes. In addition they offer daily soups, fresh sandwiches and bottles of freshly squeezed fruit juices.


40 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út, District V

Open: Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Pre-orders: (+36) 20 325-6796


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