Today, the rooms of Arany Kaviár are shining brighter and airier than a couple of months earlier. An artistically arranged glass front and a glass entrance door already allow us to take a look at the elegantly furnished interior while still standing on the street. There are plenty of new things to marvel at inside the restaurant too. For example, the guest area, with its nice nickname “the boudoir”, stripped down its heavy red wallpapers and changed them for a noble, cream-coloured dress, which corresponds just as much with the aristocratic flair of the traditional restaurant.

This is also very important, as the restaurant manager, Attila Molnár, explains. After all, Arany Kaviár has been one of the top locations for caviar enthusiasts and fans of exclusive Russian cuisine for more than a quarter of a century, more precisely since 1990. It has numerous regulars, and this is precisely why they do not want to get rid of everything but need to preserve something of its old charm, for which many people love the place.


Restaurant with a history

Consequently, Molnár ensured that while carrying out the necessary adaptations to correspond to the requirements of modern times, the transformation always stayed gradual: “People should be able to recognise the Arany Kaviár that they know and like even after the reconstruction,” he says.

One example of this gradual renovation is the change of some of the furniture. The high armchairs in the boudoir, for instance, were changed for not less elegant but still a bit more compact chairs upholstered with red velvet. “The new seating is even more comfortable and they facilitate the service,” Molnár believes.

During the renovation, which took nearly half of August, the kitchen was expanded too, so that now they are able to serve more guests even in peak periods. This was highly necessary, since the number of guests had doubled in the past two years, Molnár points out.

This was not the first time that the Arany Kaviár has been temporarily closed for reconstruction work – it has changed its looks several times by means of extensions and renovations. It is difficult to imagine now but at the beginning of the 1990s it was just a small basement restaurant with only one guest room, with a decoration dominated by heavy brocade curtains in rich colours, rustic armchairs and folklore items.

Over the years the owners, Molnár and Szása Nyíri, bought rooms neighbouring the restaurant and renovated them. It grew to its present size step by step. In 2007 the restaurant was expanded by a terrace in the courtyard. A couple of years later this was made winter-proof and can now be used all year. You can enjoy the peace and discretion here, far away from any street noise and surrounded by greenery.

In 2016 most of the rooms underwent a general reconstruction. Ever since then, the bright colours – primarily beige and champagne tones – plus light decoration and many light sources that cast a spotlight on every single table, characterise the interior design.


Russian cuisine meets fine dining

The kitchen also changed a lot during Arany Kaviár’s long history. Although it’s still Nyíri who works there as executive chef, leading the way with his creative ideas and know-how, his demand for quality has only increased in the past 27 years. Russian cuisine is in his blood, being the son of a Russian woman who emigrated to Hungary, and this is why that country’s traditional dishes still form the backbone of Nyíri’s culinary creations.

However, over the years he has developed new interpretations for these classics, blending them with international influences and shaking them up by using new preparation techniques – in short, Nyíri has managed to make borsch, beef stroganoff, pelmeni and other such dishes compatible with fine-dining.

However, the focus of the restaurant, as its name indicates, is on caviar and fish dishes. The fish degustation menus offered both at lunch and dinner time are a special highlight. Some of the offered sweetwater fishes and caviars even come from the restaurant’s own breeding site. “This allows us to guarantee continuous high quality throughout the whole year,” Molnár says. Their very own “Arany Kaviár Gourmet Selection” caviar brand has even brought international successes to Molnár and Nyíri.

The restaurant regularly organises thematic culinary events in its rooms, such as one in November where Edina Szalay, a caviar expert, explained the different types of caviar and how to enjoy them best. The event included tastings, and for HUF 29,900 the participants were able to taste 60 grams of six caviars. Registration for such events is possible via the contact information at the end of the article.



The Arany Kaviár is recommendable first of all for the excellent quality of the served dishes and the high-quality service level. This is confirmed by the numerous awards it has received. It was recommended for seven years in a row by the Michelin Guide and the Hungarian Dining Guide listed it in 2017 at ninth place on the “Best Hungarian Restaurant” list. Now, the traditional restaurant only awaits to be crowned with a Michelin star. Molnár says this is only an arm’s reach away: “We are ready for the star,” he assures us.

Despite the numerous novelties, the motto of the restaurant still remains the same today, “Eat like a Russian Tsar”, and when you visit you do feel like a tsar in the 21st century. Despite all the airy interior the Arany Kaviár has lost nothing of its intimate festivity and still reminds us of a fairy-tale-like backdrop for filming a modern version of “Anna Karenina”. This restaurant is an excellent choice for special occasions – the first date, an anniversary or other family events.


Arany Kaviár

Budapest, District I, 19 Ostrom utca

Open Tuesday to Sunday noon-22.30 (kitchen is closed 15.00-18.00)

Reservations at (+36 1) 201 6737 or



Appetisers and soups: HUF 1500-4500

Main dishes: HUF 4900-18900

Desserts: HUF 600-3500

Caviar (different quantities): HUF 4900-99900

Menus: HUF 5900-30,000

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