At first sight, the Buda Bed Cinema doesn’t seem too different compared to other cinemas: While entering, you can see a big, modern hall with cardboard cutouts of the latest films. Muted neon lights on the ceiling and floor and red velvet pillows on each sofa give you the feeling of entering an exciting, new world. At the long, ivory bar, where there is always a little crowd gathered for some treats, you can buy popcorn, chocolate, sweets and other snacks at usual cinema prices. Also, soft drinks, water and juices are offered.


Cinema in the horizontal

Now the movie adventure is about to start: When you enter the only room (at least for now) of the Bed Cinema, you realise it is not just a normal cinema. Because as the name implies, instead of stiff seats the visitors are allowed to place themselves on 35 comfortable beds. Each is the size of a usual marriage bed. Two grown-ups and even two additional children under the age of 10 can fit on one. Duvets and fluffy pillows are provided.

The Bed Cinema opened two years ago, says Márk Fisch, the Chief Operating Officer of Buda Entertainment & Gastro. His tasks are marketing the cinema and organising events.

The duvet covers are, as Fisch explains, an expensive material that repels liquids, fumes and odours. If someone drops a drink on one, the liquid just runs off. So it is a lot easier to keep the beds hygienically clean. After every film, the cleaning staff use a special process on the beds.


Internationals are welcome as well

The Bed Cinema was a normal cinema until the owner decided on a change. Two years ago the old seats were removed and beds installed. People love the idea because they love extraordinary and unique things, Fisch says. He is really proud of the place. Every day there are five or six shows. 50 % of them are in English, sometimes with Hungarian subtitles. This way we want to make the cinema attractive for tourists as well as internationals living here.

The number of screenings per day is relatively low but otherwise the program is similar to other multiplex cinemas in Budapest: new Hungarian films and bestsellers from all over the world are shown. Kids‘ movies, comedies, rom-coms, thrillers and horror films are all part of the program – everyone will find what their hearts desire. The only difference is watching them in a lying position.

Which position is the best for you so as not to fall asleep? Lying on your back, on the sides or your stomach? Well, you have to find out.

Let’s go!

Tickets can be bought at the cinema box office or online. One ticket is for one bed – not for one person. One bed costs HUF 4444, ot HUF 3333 for students. Vouchers are available to pass on to family or friends.

Most visitors come during the school breaks or holidays. Premieres such as Star Wars or other blockbusters are naturally popular. Every Thursday is premiere day, with two or three new arrivals. Fisch says they have modern Dolby Digital sound and live up to the standards of the big movie theatres.

It’s a great way to relax, alone or together, he says.

Buda Bed Cinema

Budapest, District III, Bécsi út 38-44

Screenings daily noon to 10pm

Tickets: (+36-1) 437-8362



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