The fabulous pop-musical focuses on a very actual matter, and it is a real eye-opener; it welcomes the au- dience to the world where running behind success and maximizing productivity is more of a priority than the quality time we spend together with our loved ones. The story’s protagonist is Tomi, whose only wish for Christmas is to bring his family closer together. Considering his successful and very busy parents, it is quite challenging; his father is a workaholic sci- entist who invented a machine which helps charging our ‘brain batteries’ so there is no need to sleep. It’s all for maximizing ef ciency at the expense of family time. And if it wasn’t enough, his mother is an astronaut and travels very frequently between planet Earth and Mars, so she hardly spends time at home. But no matter the weather, Tomi will not give up on his dream, and his toughness seems to pay off when he meets Bárány, the magical nap toy that introduces him to the world of Dream Makers. The promising show’s cast includes stars who also contributed to the success of The Toy Maker –András Stohl, Győző Szabó, Gigi Radics, Steve Hajdú – joined by new cast members Judit Schell, Ildikó Keresztes, Adrienn Zsédenyi, Mariann Falusi, Viktor Varga and Anita Ábel.

The play was written by Szép Ernő-award winner András Vinnai, together with award-winning pianist and producer Viktor Rakoncai (music) and the proud owner of golden and platinum album titles Tamás Orbán (lyrics).

Kossuth-award winning director and choreogra- pher Tamás Juronics describes Dream Traveller as a play never before seen in Hungary, both for its overwhelming volume and the wonderful, instruc- tive story. Considering the special set with its enor- mous led walls, many dancers, awesome costumes and theatrical effects this show will be jaw dropping in many levels. Check it out between Christmas and New Year’s Eve at BOK Csarnok (one-time SYMA)!

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