With its balanced blend of theory, practice, and networking, the Masters degree has become a valuable asset to have under your belt. Whether prospective students are headed to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree or Masters in Management, Finance, Accounting, or STEM, the future is looking bright for graduates across business-related disciplines.

What is more, the prestigious qualifications are increasingly well regarded in a wide range of non-business fields all over the world as well. Recent Masters and MBA graduates from top international schools continue to be the disruptive and innovative force across any industry, continent, or professional setting.

Before reaping the benefits of the diploma and taking advantage of positive employment trends and diverse career prospects, the process of selecting the right business school requires research and reflection. This is why individual meetings with business school admissions directors are crucial to the selection process:

1. Learn how each programme fits your goals

Determined graduate school applicants should take the opportunity to talk with business school representatives one-on-one in order to find out if the school will help them reach their personal and professional goals. In addition, the meetings can portray the personality and approach of a school and show if they are compatible with the applicants’ expectations. Business school representatives also provide feedback on how competitive it is to get admitted.

2. Choose between an MBA or a Masters degree

The MBA and Masters degrees differ in terms of admission requirements, budget, career prospects, and student profiles. For those who are not yet decided, what can be better than meeting MBA and Masters programme representatives at the same time, in the same place? The Access MBA and Access Masters events, taking place in Budapest on 9th and 10th December, provide the unique opportunity for potential applicants to talk in-person to international business school representatives from Bocconi University, Warwick Business School, University of St. Gallen, IE Business School, ESCP Europe, McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management , Vienna University of Economics and Business and others.

3. Meet the schools that will fulfill your expectations

The MBA and Masters One-to-One events enable prospective students to meet the representatives of schools that correspond to their professional background and expectations. The schools and the candidates are already familiar with one another and each 20-minute meeting is spent discussing the topics that matter the most. In addition, an Open Fair Session presenting Masters programmes such as STEM and Social Sciences gives applicants the opportunity to get information about degrees which are not necessarily business-related.

4. Benefit from real-time professional guidance

Getting a graduate business degree is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and prospective applicants appreciate expert advice. Before, after, and in-between the business school meetings, event participants can receive free consulting on any aspect of school selection, GMAT preparation, funding options, and application strategies that guarantee a successful business education investment.

Why consider a business degree?

· Studying for an MBA can help you not only learn valuable business skills, but also network with knowledgeable and successful professionals in the industry.

· In 2017, Masters in Management graduates will be recruited by 86% of surveyed Asia-Pacific employers, 74% of European companies, and 76% of Latin American companies – an increase of up to 10% year-on-year in some regions. The same bright prospects apply to holders of Masters of Finance and Masters of Accounting. (GMAC, Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, 2017)

· Eighty-six percent of surveyed corporate recruiters who work directly with participating graduate business schools plan to hire recent MBA graduates in 2017. (GMAC, Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, 2017)

· Despite political uncertainty about the status of immigration and work visa programmes, companies in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the US are staying the course with plans to hire international graduate business candidates. (GMAC, Corporate Recruiters Survey Report, 2017)

Meet the Admissions Directors of top international business schools

Access MBA

Access Masters

December 9th, 2017

December 10th, 2017

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge

Sofitel Budapest Chain Bridge

9:30 – 15:30

10:30 – 17:10

Registration: Online registration is free of charge on www.AccessMBA.com and www.AccessMastersTour.com. By registering at least 10 days before the event, participants will receive a profile evaluation and personalised consultation to identify the most suitable business schools at the event.

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