The school established in 1994 as the first international secondary school in Budapest following the British National Curriculum, has become massively popular in recent years and grown exponentially since its 2010 move to a purpose-built building located in the beautiful green area of Buda hills with the number of students doubling at the current premises.

The campus has a spectacular view over the Danube, the Castle and the Parliament buildings.

Britannica boasts fantastic facilities; an ICT suite, library, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, huge auditorium, dining room, sixth form study room, two Science laboratories, adapted Music and Art rooms, outdoor play and sports facilities and a heated covered basketball court.

Above all, the school is recognized for the quality of its British style’ teaching, small-personalized class environments and close community feel. There is a focus on recruiting specialists recently trained in the UK. Leadership is strong and expectations and standards are high.

To meet the needs of its local community, Britannica also offers an extended Hungarian provision.

The school is very proud of its close and a massively supportive parental community. They combine collaboratively to bring a truly International perspective to regular school events and trips.

With a complete primary and secondary department plus an expanding post 16 provision, Britannica is the most comprehensive and personalized International school available in Budapest.

The Principal of the school Mr Neil McGarry commented:

‘This milestone is just the start of the journey for Britannica. We pride ourselves on our high standards, high expectations and a truly personalized approach. Children and education are our passion and we look forward to supporting every single student to fulfill their potential and achieve their dreams.’

For more information about Britannica International School please call 391-7110 or email to


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