Budapest has a number of Sunday Brunches and this one is in the Mellow Mood Group’s Buddha-Bar Restaurant in the Klotild Palace, one of Budapest’s signature buildings and housing upscale eateries, bars and a five-star hotel. This brunch comes in two categories: the Classic, costing HUF 9,900, and the Deluxe, HUF 12,900.

Both varieties include the buffet and one a la carte main course from a choice of seven, plus unlimited water and soft drinks. Each welcomes diners with a cocktail, either non-alcoholic or based on sake, the Japanese rice wine. Lychee, elderflower syrup and a slice of lime complete the refreshing drink. The Deluxe brunch allows unlimited sparkling wine, beer and wine, coffee and tea.


Presided over by a mighty Buddha several times human-size and in an Asian atmosphere – décor and background music – a good place to start is the soup station, where the choice is between Miso, the traditional Japanese soup, and Tom Yum, for an authentic taste of Thailand. The condiments include tofu, shrimp, lime, seaweed, spring onion and mushroom, providing ample opportunity for experimenting.

Nearby is the noodle station, where a gentleman from Vietnam offers egg or rice noodles with beef or chicken and Chinese cabbage, carrot and broccoli. Toppings include spring onion, peanuts, coriander, chili and oyster sauce, with the chef heating the whole either in a pan or in an Asian consommé soup.

The sushi station also has its own overseer and claims to have Budapest’s richest sushi selection. Apart from the Pink Lady, Spicy Tuna and many other varieties, off to the side are Wok Beef Burger, Crispy Spring Rolls, Vegetarian Maki Rolls, Crispy Chicken Gyoza and Vegetarian Gyoza, the latter being a Japanese form of dumpling.


Warning: beware the innocent-looking but mouth-blistering bowl of green wasabi sauce, a life-changing experience for the unprepared.

Stomach space may start to diminish after partaking of the aforementioned plus the Teriyaki Salmon, Duck Breast, Chicken Salad, Paprika Cream, Hummus and even more selections on offer. Not surprisingly, the seven a la carte choices are therefore kept to a moderate size, because how else to fit one in?

These, for the record, are Five-Spice Chicken Supreme with Sichuan Vegetables; Wok-Fried Beef with Black Pepper Sauce; Salmon with Curry Potato, Daikan Pickles and Teriyaki Sauce; Pork Loin with Smoked Potato and Teriyaki Sauce; Eggs any style with Bacon, Ham and Hash Browns; Buddha-Bar Omelette with Tomato Fondue and Hash Browns; and finally Eggs Benedict.

The chef bakes some gluten-free bread by special request and a selection of colourful desserts completes Sunday Brunch for those unafraid to over-indulge a little under the Buddha’s moderating gaze.

Sunday Brunch at Buddha-Bar Budapest

1052 Budapest, Váci utca 34


Classic, HUF 9,900 HUF
Deluxe, HUF 12,900 HUF
(each plus 12% service charge)

Tel.: (+36 1) 799-7302

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