Reiters Reserve is the name of the whole 120-hectare property and Reiters Supreme is the name of the hotel. They are to be found just outside Bad Tatzmannsdorf village, which is just 20 kilometres or so over the Hungarian border if you cross at Kőszeg. Fortunately, there is no real bias against parents, because right next to Reuters Supreme is a second large hotel, the four-star, 124-room Reiters Finest Family, and here children are more than welcome. When they reach their 16th birthday, they become more than welcome at Reiters Supreme.


Karl J. Reiter took over the two hotels from a chain and converted them to his own specifications in 2004. While children carry on their boisterous activities at the Finest Family, Reiters Supreme is a quiet haven of relaxation, and it is to here that The Budapest Times team, being of advanced age now and with the children grown up, has come for a spot of summer holiday chilling-out.

We check in and are shown to a nice room. “What will we do now?” asks The Wife, standing on the room’s balcony to admire the green and brown fields and occasional red-roofed village in the splendid countryside stretching away below. Crows are cawing, if that is the correct onomatopoeia. Beneath the balcony, dozens of guests are sunning around the various pools or, immediately beyond, slicing their shots playing golf.

It is the gentle hilly landscape of Southern Burgenland, nature in its finery, and it is very pleasing. The air is manna to city lungs.


“Well,” comes the reply, “there’s the 18-hoIe golf course, the nine-hole golf course, the driving range, the putting green, tennis or squash, the bicycling and walking trails, the gym, the 8000-plus-square-metre spa with saunas, steam baths, a salt cavern, hamam, massages and pools, all with thermal, thermal-salt and fresh water, water gymnastics, pilates, a spine workout, wine tasting in the cellar, a bit of nordic walking, visit the animals or – Austrians and Germans seem to like getting their clothes off – a bit of sun-tanning in the nude area, but it’s hot out, so mind not to burn your private parts.

“Where would you like to start?”

Karl J. Reiter and this particular guest have it in common that they are great animal lovers, so our visit to Reiters Supreme begins with a look at his more than 200 animals: 26 Lippanzer horses in the adjoining stables, and from there a stroll around the tended grounds to the various locations of his many goats, sheep, water buffalo, ponies, ducks, chickens, rabbits and some others that we missed. Someone had mentioned four white donkeys and pigs but these were not sighted.

Reiter has a farm elsewhere, which supplies the hotel with meat and vegetables, and he has a winery too, which keeps the Supreme cellar well-stocked. For a man with so much to look after, he seems a cool, relaxed kind of guy, genuinely interested in his guests. The hotel motto is “Collect Moments, Not Things”, and on this Wednesday evening our hospitable host invites all guests to the bar for a chat and a glass or two from his own vineyard, while a pianist plays.


Then it is down to the four restaurants. Reiters Supreme guests all pay half-board, so the food is an important part of their visit. For dinner on this evening, there is an all-you-can-eat buffet plus a changing a la carte selection that may include Parsley cream soup with truffle oil and chive ildefonso, plus Smoked trout with cucumbers variation and quinoa on one day, then Minestrone with parmesan and basil, plus Tranche of catfish on leaf spinach with garlic sauce and fennel salad the next day.

The kitchen team is presided over by a three-toque chef, Helmuth Gangl, and whether it be breakfast, lunch or evening meal, they guarantee healthy food free from artificial additives and chemistry, without animal abuse and mass production.

Karl J. Reiter has created something special. Three days pass too quickly and then it is time to drive off into that lovely countryside. Sometimes you mark down a place as one that you know you would like to return to one day, in the not-too-distant future.

Reiters Supreme Hotel, Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria

Tel.: (+43) 800 310330


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