Going out to a restaurant, especially a fancy one, is rarely about fulfilling basic needs – as guests, we want to be provided with an experience to remember. Someone who understands this very well seems to be Krisztián Huszár.


Already the interior of Huszár's new restaurant in Buda's Attila út looks like it just jumped out of some hip London- or New York-based food blogger's Instagram account. Dark, muted colours that mostly incorporate different hues of blue dominate the first impression of Fáma. The latter play out well in combination with the restaurant's furniture in warm wooden hues.

The straight-forward design of the custom-made tables and chairs seems to borrow inspiration from Bauhaus style. Next to wood and velour leather – because natural materials seem to be all the rage for posh restaurants nowadays – also design elements made of copper and cast-iron can be found, giving Fáma the modern industrial touch so typical for today's Urban Chic.

But before we get into discussing if this style is really quite sounique – partly Fáma carries a strong resemblance to other young fine-dining destinations that opened in Budapest in recent years, such as Liberté or Hilda – we have to add that Fáma takes the cake by including one detail that we have not seen anywhere else so far: you might not be dining from golden plates in this fancy new restaurant but you do very well with rose-gold cutlery. Just in case that you have not checked any lifestyle magazines during the past year – this metal that gets its pinkish glow from the addition of copper is hotter than ever right now.


These compositions will surprise your palate

But let us leave design aside, as most people who visit a restaurant ultimately still want to eat and not just admire the interior. Also in the culinary department Huszár – who used to head the kitchen in places such as MÁK Bistro, ZONA and Konyha before becoming his own boss – does things in style: Fáma's menu offers a Hungarian-Asian fusion kitchen that with its well-executed dishes from high-quality ingredients will manage to draw some oohs and aahs even from the most discerning gourmets.

Through sophisticated and truly surprising compositions Huszár manages to turn even simple recipes into something that can best be described as a party for the palate. Some of the starters, such as the fried silk tofu, will send your tastebuds on a sweet-sour rollercoaster ride, while others, for example the fried quail on a bed of peanut purée – a main course that retains a certain lightness despite the rich ingredients – will have you purring with satisfaction.

In addition, you will find numerous dishes that focus on fish or seafood on the menu of Fáma: whether it be mussels served in a tomato vinaigrette garnished with onion, raspberry and physalis, marinated shrimp in a sweet corn curry, or a mackerel on a bed of Thai mango salad.

Although from noon to 3pm Fáma offers a selection of high-quality à la carte dishes for lunch, it even outdoes itself in the evening by serving glamorous multi-course dinner menus from 6.30pm onwards. Those three-, four-, five- or even six-course menus can be assembled from a list of delicious culinary creations that change a little from day to day.


A cocktail should be part of your Fáma dining experience

In addition to the elaborate dishes, Fáma offers an extensive choice of Hungarian but also foreign wines as well as exotic cocktail specialties. The latter although based on classic recipes have developed a life of their own in the Asian flavour-infused reinterpretation of Fáma.

One especially nifty little cocktail is the "I'm like a bird" that was inspired by the famous whiskey sour, only instead of the traditional ingredients this version contains pineapple, ginger syrup and – surprise – a quail egg.

Another tasty beverage is the "Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa' dentro" that besides mezcal contains habanero syrup and spicy mango.

Needing help with pairing dishes and drinks? No problem. In Fáma there is a wine sommelier as well as a cocktail sommelier who will recommend you the best combinations for a perfect dining experience.

In a nutshell

If you want to show off in front of business partners or a date with your vast knowledge of what is hip and new in Budapest, a visit to Fáma will surely impress. In addition to a great design and sophisticated cuisine, the restaurant offers above all a flawless and sensible service, with a team fluent in multiple languages who will cater to your every need.

So far the chic restaurant is still somewhat under the radar of most Budapest people, but it seems sure that it will soon rise to be one of the most popular dining destinations on the Buda side. Therefore, make sure to reserve a table before visiting!


Budapest, District I, Attila út 10

Open Tuesday to Saturday noon-3pm and 6.30-11pm

Reservations: (+36) 30 994-9000

See www.famabudapest.hu


Starters: HUF 1600-3000

Main courses: HUF 2800-3500

Desserts: HUF 1800

Dinner menus (three to six courses): HUF 11,000-19,000

Cocktails HUF 3100 each

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