Hello Biznisz provides additional useful business knowledge to entrepreneurs, especially micro and small businesses. Companies may immediately benefit and enrich their business knowledge from the concise and brief articles, videos, tasks and training sessions.

“We have reached a stage of the digital era when the Hungarian SMEs have great opportunity to be able to catch up with their international competitors in a heartbeat,” said Chief Commercial Officer Péter Lakatos. “For that, Hungarian SMEs primarily need education and a change in the business mindset. This is where we wish to play a key role besides supporting them in the fields of infocommunication and technology.”

Hello Biznisz is a programme serving the purpose of enhancing entrepreneurs and their businesses, i.e. to achieve better sales performance, have better marketing, operate their business more efficiently, find the best employees and dare to expand their product or service portfolio.

A part of these challenges may be tackled by various digital solutions, but Telekom intends to provide pragmatic and exciting answers to far more multi-layered questions via the hellobiznisz.hu site. The site offers such specific and working solutions to entrepreneurs that no market player has ever come upon before.

An additional key component of the programme is the live, “classroom” training and workshop series. Besides the educational online platform, Telekom Hello Biznisz Workshop events will also be launched, providing personal training and exchange of experience.

The programme items of these workshops were born out of the results of researches and customer feedbacks. Findings show that businesses are afraid of changes and have only little available time to learn the use of new IT solutions.

Managers of small businesses always have questions about marketing, business administration, taxation or digital technologies, but tailor-made, practical information on these topics is still hard to find in the market. The Hello Biznisz programme will exactly be this help to the Hungarian SMEs.

And they need this help too, because they may be proficient in their core activity but their growth is often blocked by the lack of business administration knowledge essential for the daily operation.

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