To enhance the effect of emotional text and ballad-like music, he had the piece visualised by a ballet dancer. The result is a professional video that reached nearly 600,000 views on YouTube (title: "Joseph Felfoldi - Brexit ballet") in just a little more than a month. Felföldi's wish now is that as many Brits as possible will notice the English song.

Behind this is the desire of Felföldi that the Brexit decision – which is painful to him as a great friend of the British and their way of life – might be reversed. Many Eurocrats also dream of this and in order to make their dream happen, they paint a picture of a painful exit and often go into a rage about the British vote.

Felföldi has a different approach. Every line of his poem speaks about great respect for the country and its decision. "As a Hungarian I would like to explain to the Brits that I absolutely respect their decision and independence," the entrepreneur told The Budapest Times.

Although he makes it clear in the first line that stars seem brighter together, and a little later declares that he did not want it to happen this way, he adds that if a star is to fall, then he wishes it a safe landing. One of the most emotional moments of the video is certainly the closing scene, when he tenderly touches the ballet dancer, the fallen British star.

Felföldi – a frequent visitor to Great Britain in his private and professional life – attempts to give an overview of the British way of life and the great history of England. In the end, all of these memories lead to the realisation that the EU will be missing something without the UK.

"Often, we do not really appreciate things until they are no longer there," says Felföldi. And he says these words with the hope that the perhaps the last word has not yet been spoken when it comes to Brexit.


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