Stimulating artworks make the heart beat faster, and there are more than 100 exhibition venues in the capital, both museums and galleries. The following three galleries are especially popular with connoisseurs.

Acb Gallery

Acb Gallery has been exhibiting international contemporary art and representatives of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde since 2003. Owner Gábor Pados and his professional team of five present a diversity of modern artists bridging many generations and who base their work on conceptual foundations. The artworks are shown in three rooms as collections or individual exhibitions. Currently the gallery is exhibiting a selection from the experimental art collection of the Bosch+Bosch Group, paintings by Csaba Kis Róka and the works of KüBálint Szombathy from Yugoslavia, which use multiple media.
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Chimera-Project Gallery

Chimera-Project Gallery was founded three years ago by Bogi Mittich and Patrick Urwyler. The latter, an art historian and curator from Switzerland, found his way to Budapest during his studies and art projects. He realised his dream with Mittich, a Hungarian sociologist, and opened a commercial gallery. The professional team organises themed exhibitions presenting

contemporary art. Their aim is: art exchange bridging over cultures. “We are working with partner curators and galleries to organise both solo and group exhibitions within Hungary and abroad as well,” Urwyler says. “We would like to help the artists show their talents internationally.” The gallery hands out the Chimera Art Award each year. In future the team would like to organise international travelling exhibitions presenting different awarded artists in five countries. The Chimera-Project Gallery currently presents six creative artists. You can also visit a separate room presenting the solo exhibition “New Grey Polished Chrome” by Hungarian artist Mark Fridvalszki.
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pakk_art is an unusual kind of gallery. Its idea is to present art in an easily approachable way. There are stands where you can scroll through small-format works. pakk_art strives to support contemporary art. They are working with 14 artists at the moment and they have already organised 11 exhibitions in renowned places. The gallery wants to act as a catalyst for the interdisciplinary co-operation of artists in a creative room. The process is supported by a team of art historians, curators and project managers.
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A tale of two uprisings

The Embassy of Ireland in Budapest is supporting a joint exhibition consisting of “Parallel Uprisings 1916/1956”, which shows photos in commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland and the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, and “Paintings in Tata” by Hungarian Irish artist Martyn Ferenc. The venue is the Pintér Gallery, 3B Markó utca, District V, and the exhibition, which opened last Tuesday, will last for two weeks, perhaps longer.
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