When we hear the word comics, most of us think of superheroes, speech bubbles or cinema adaptations of Marvel and companions. However, Superman and other heroes are not only able to save the world from villains – they may even taste good. In ComiX Coffee you can taste the man from planet Krypton or even one of the Avengers.

F or fans of the Marvel heroes – or DC-Universe – ComiX Coffee hidden among the stores along Múzeum körút is the ideal place to be – for a leisurely afternoon with a cup of coffee and a superhero cupcake.

However, as soon as you cross the door you are faced with a colourful mix of fan items, enough to make any comic-addicted heart beat faster. Half a Death Star hangs from the ceiling, Batman hands you the sugar for your coffee and two light-sabres hang on one wall. In addition there are film posters, drawings, postcards, calendars and puzzles. It is a universe of superheroes on only a few square metres – even without being overcrowded.

The café looks modest from the outside – if you don’t pay attention to the sign, you are likely to simply walk past, as it fits so perfectly between the other shops; mainly book and convenience stores. Although the tables and chairs are a bit close together, the arrangement still looks consistent thanks to the harmony of colours: red and white, tastefully complemented with black and turquoise. The rest of the furniture and the walls follow the same colour scheme. The comic theme is continued on the tables, where small Lego figures decorate containers filled with coffee beans.

Superheroes or villains – which taste better?

In a proper way, the offered dishes also fit the main theme. The cupcakes are decorated with the symbols of the heroes and villains: a yellow circle with a black bat or the crest of a magic school – it does not matter what kind of fan (of a certain film, book or comic) the guest is – you can find practically all the heroes on the cupcakes.

The drink is served in a matching cup of course. Besides cupcakes they offer some cakes and a special Star Wars menu. For HUF 750 you can choose from dishes such as “Luke Skywaffle” or “Jabba Special”. The offer contains only three or four different cupcakes and cakes but it’s revised often for some extra variety.

The range of drinks too is reduced to the basics but is definitively satisfying. Coffee prices are between HUF 350 (espresso) and HUF 890 (Nutella Latte). Plus there is a selection of hot chocolates, partly refined with After Eight and Caramel. As for cold drinks, they only offer lemonade.

No other café in town can better satisfy the hearts of real comic fans, and in fact these small details should make you feel at home even if you aren’t a great comic fan.The full comic experience

So that you can enjoy your cake with your favourite character the best, the right reading material is available. A shelf is filled with comics – both in paper and book format. With such a selection, everyone will find something to browse. The matching decoration contains heroes from Star Wars and the main characters from the nerd-sitcom “Big Bang Theory” to complement the miniatures of the superhero characters. ComiX Coffee is a small café but it concentrates on the essentials

and the important things here are the experience and the atmosphere.

ComiX Coffee

29 Múzeum körút, District V
Open Monday to Friday
Saturdays 8am-8pm,
Sundays 9am-7pm

Phone: (+36) 20 461-2699


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