The Socialist Party tried it but an old lady, who received blocks – to use a football reference – from a number of “bald people” was four seconds faster. Who says that old ladies can’t be scary? Especially if they are armed with skinheads … Here’s the problem: the stupid law does not allow the election office to discuss referendum questions submitted on the same topic simultaneously. That’s why you need the time stamp. And the question submitted by the old lady with bald buddies was worded in a way that’s better for governing Fidesz (it is asking whether the voter agrees to maintain the shop closure vs. the question of the Socialists, which would have asked whether the law should be abolished). So it’s easy: Fidesz sent skinheads to thwart democracy. Simple, right? Unfortunately not really. Turns out that the old lady is the wife of László Erdősi, the mayor of Herceghalom. Until 2010 Erdősi ran for positions as a candidate of Fidesz, but according to the news portal – which can be accused with bias towards Fidesz – Erdősi had a significant falling out with the governing party in 2012 and ran – and won – as an independent in 2014. Against a candidate of Fidesz. This is where things are right now but this story will certainly continue in the next few weeks. All this because you can only submit one referendum question and you have to do it in person. And amid all the madness nobody is listening to the chief of the election office, who after the brawl once again suggested to abolish the “one-question-on-the-same-topic-at-a time” moratorium and to allow questions to be submitted via the state’s electronic system (Ügyfélkapu). You know what the funny thing is? She already suggested that last summer.

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