The weekly Der Spiegel roughly says the same: Orbán is openly going against Merkel and he has supporters from within CDU (Merkel’s party) but even from among the left-wing SPD. Both comments are fair enough. Orbán is unequivocally against allowing uncontrolled migrants in the EU and Hungary, and he was never shy about expressing his opinion. Then along comes the Sunday edition of the tabloid Bild. I probably shouldn’t have read this, but a whole lot of people do, so I did as well. I definitely shouldn’t have. The article lists eight countries and the subheading of the section dealing with Hungary reads “Orbán’s Hungary is the biggest shame and danger of Europe”. Nothing harsh so far, we have heard this a million times, but then the author pulls out all the stops: “Prime Minister Orbán triggered the humanitarian crisis, which forced Merkel to have to act.” At this point I started laughing out loud. Then I stopped because I realised that while Welt and Spiegel have a combined circulation of roughly 1 million, Bild publishes about 2.5 million copies. I mean, are you frigging kidding me? There are a large number of things that can be said about Orbán – and pretty much all of them have been said in the past few months – but to say that he caused the humanitarian crisis? The journalist then goes on to call the PM all kinds of names – evil and destroyer of the EU – and I couldn’t help but think: if Angela Merkel did not dictate that article, then she sure as hell was smiling when she read it.

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