1. Baalbek

Besides some unusual dishes, the classics, such as falafel, hummus and bulgur, are also at the top of the menu card of this Lebanese restaurant. It is named after a Lebanese town that also inspired Hungarian painter Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka. Traditional recipes, fresh products and excellent service are the strengths of Baalbek. All the dishes are halal, namely prepared to Islamic rules. Besides grilled meat and fish, diners can choose from Persian dishes such as Harira (a hot lamb soup) or Umm Ali (a bread pudding from Egypt). The Levantine experience is made complete by smoking a waterpipe. Or try the traditional Arabian tea ceremony on the winter terrace.

34 Váci utca, District V
Price category: average
Open: daily noon to 11pm
Reservations: (+36-1) 799-7303



In order to produce a single kilogram of saffron, spice farmers harvest around 200,000 crocus flowers. They only flower once each year. This is why saffron is the most expensive spice and medicine in the world. And besides their unmistakeable taste, the noble, gold-coloured fibres have other powers: saffron is said to contain antioxidants with an anti-inflammatory effect and which may prevent cancer. The main areas where saffron is cultivated are Afghanistan, Iraq and Kashmir. For this reason Arabian dishes are hardly imaginable without this spice. Darband also refines its halal dishes with saffron, for example their kebab, rice and even their desserts. The restaurant is named after a district in the Iranian capital, Teheran, which is famous for its restaurants and tea houses. At Darband, Budapest, you can taste the most famous Arabian teas. You can also have the Persian delicacies home-delivered.

22 Szemere utca, District V
Price category: average
Open daily 11am-11pm
Reservations: (+36-1) 798-6642 or info@darband.eu


3. Lalibela Étterem

In Ethiopian cuisine the flatbread is staple food, traditionally sprinkled with different sauces that may or may not contain meat. The most common meats served are chicken or beef; pork is usually not eaten. However, you will find more than only traditional dishes on the menu of the African restaurant Lalibela. If you are looking for a culinary curiosity, you are at the right place: at Lalibela you will find ostrich and crocodile steaks. Traditional Hungarian dishes are not ignored. Favourable prices and courteous service are other major strengths of this restaurant.

40 Jókai utca, District VI

Price category: favourable

Open Monday to Saturday 10.30am to 11pm

Reservations at: (+36-1) 269-2480 or mamogrum@gmail.com


4. Arirang

“Arirang“ has been one of the most popular Korean folk songs for over 600 years. The Korean restaurant with the same name in District XII stands out not only due to its modernity but also the authenticity of its dishes. A Korean menu begins with a cup of green tea, laying down the foundation for the spicy food. The prices for the dishes and drinks are relatively high but the magnitude of portions makes up for it. For example, a soup, which is eaten after the main dish according to the Korean tradition, costs around HUF 3,000. The whole menu is composed of numerous small bites.

25 Istenhegyi utca, District XII
Price category: expensive
Open daily 11am to 10.30pm
Reservations: (+36) 30 634-1525


5. Fire

Meat, meat and even more meat – this is the philosophy at this Brazilian restaurant. Diners may enjoy a rich buffet both at lunchtime and in the evenings. The all-you-can-eat restaurant offers up to 20 different kinds of meat each day. Everything is served fresh from the grill. There is also a salad bar, fish dishes and different sorts of garnishes. The modern cosy interior and a large cocktail bar will tempt all your senses.

3-5 Petőfi tér, District V
Price category: expensive
Open Monday to Saturday noon to 3pm and 6pm to midnight, Sunday from 11am to 4pm
Reservations: (+36) 70 450-1750 or info@firerestaurant.hu

The second part of our selection of international restaurants is coming up in the next edition of The Budapest Times.

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