As Faust is jaded and tired of earthly things, he sells his soul to the Devil with ultimately soaring highs and the inevitable eventual crashing low. The destructive waves sweep away everyone in their path, especially the delicate Marguerite, but religion and the conflict between good and evil is the backbone of Gounod’s magnificent opera.

Renowned Polish director Michal Znaniecki has created a work of the highest art that is both sinister and exotic, building on the intensity of Gounod’s romantic musical score which is so rich with duets, trios, quartets, sweeping the audience with crashing waves of emotions.
Gounod’s “Faust” is powerful and gripping, so much so that a hard seat and a four-hour duration are irrelevant. Yes it contains those essential themes for a strong plotline: religion, the constant flux of lust, betrayal, despair and tragedy, but here with a modern twist it has such raw vitality.
Here heaven and hell collide. Like many magnificent operas there is no middle comfort zone and there only exists a world of extremes. The drama flows seamlessly as Faust is drawn into Méphistophélès’ enchanting yet devilish world of lust and darkness.

If you missed last year’s production, this is one unforgettable experience. The modernised stage settings by set designer Luigi Scoglio transform and twist as Faust falls deeper into the hellish world of Méphistophélès with Marguerite just an innocent player, destroyed by cruel and careless men.

Faust01Lighting designer Bogumil Palewicz ensures every moment pulsates with life as each setting is manipulated with lighting states that guide the mood and often reflect the inner feelings of the protagonists as they are dragged deeper into the drama.

“Faust” is a tornado of an opera, full of change, both musically and dramatically and this production is one of Hungarian State Opera’s finest; a collaborative effort of sheer brilliance.

You could almost reach out and touch the electric magic generated by Méphistophélès but do so at your peril. Wear that crucifix tonight.



Opera House,
Andrássy út 22, District VI

Wednesday February 10
until Sunday March 5

Tickets and information:

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