Composer Reimann remained more or less faithful to Shakespeare’s original “King Lear”, changing only minor aspects of the story. Although not as cursed as “Macbeth”, violence and darkness take on a different hue through filial cruelty and betrayal. They run like a flow of burning lava throughout the sub and main plots.
Tómas Tómasson plays the title role with an equally illustrious cast, with Stefan Soltesz as conductor. Expect murderous intensity, and the blinding of Gloucester will leave nothing to the imagination, given Ferenc Anger’s directorial track record.
Lear suffers from the cruel greed and jealousy of his daughters; in fact all associated with the royal household suffer eventually in this twisted tale of vengeance and madness. Philosophers have defined the absolute and Lear discovers there is no absolute. Suffering can continue into infinity and Lear is too late to save his beloved youngest daughter, Cordelia. Another moral to the story is demanding the measure of something unquantifiable; in this case Lear insisting on hearing how much his daughters love him so he can divide his riches.
“I am sure my love’s more ponderous than my tongue,” Cordelia says as an aside. (“King Lear”, William Shakespeare, Act 1, Scene 2).
Defining the depth of love is impossible and articulating the impossible leaves the words hollow and bitter, sticking to the tongue like cheap chocolate. One of Lear’s flaws is trying to measure love.
Ultimately betrayed by his family and realising too late as he plunges into madness and destitution, the storm rages in Lear’s head as much as it does outside of it.
This is an opera that is harsh and demanding and should leave us feeling as dragged through the elements as Lear. It is hard not to feel empathy for a man who has lost everything; he has flaws, he is human and yet cruel Fate twists his life out of control.

“I am a man more sinned against than sinning”
King Lear, William Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 2


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