And although the Hungarian capital has tons of options when it comes to Indian restaurants, many people will tell you their favourite is to be found on Jókai utca. The downtown Indian eatery named Indigo was opened over ten years ago, in 2005. This makes the place almost a gastronomic dinosaur in the fast-paced, ever-changing Budapest dining scene. “In the last ten to fifteen years Hungarians became more and more open to the experience of more exotic cuisines,“ owner Amandeep Singh says. He opened a second outlet in Buda’s prestigious District II last year.

One of the most diverse cuisines
“It is hard to say what is typical for Indian food because of the vast range of diversity in soil type, climate and culture in India,“ Singh says. “Every region has their own preferred ingredients and spices that are typical for that area.“
Indigo’s menu convincingly draws from all corners of the subcontinent and tries to represent the variety of the national cuisine in altogether 144 á la carte dishes. Every dish is carefully prepared with fresh ingredients and authentic spices that Singh imports from the UK. Of course the menu incorporates all-time favourites such as the vegetarian Palak Paneer (a dish from spinach and Indian cheese), Punjabi Chole (a mix of chickpeas in an onion-tomato sauce), Chicken Tikka Masala (spicy marinated chicken breast cooked in onion-tomato sauce) and Madras Curry Chicken (a south Indian specialty of cooked chicken in a spicy hot curry sauce).
But lamb and seafood dishes can also be

found on the menu. For example in the form of a vindaloo, a traditional stew from the west Indian region of Goa that can be prepared in many ways. When ordering a vindaloo one should be cautious because some are extremely spicy. Just watch out for the symbol on the menu that indicates rather spicy and really spicy dishes.

Priding itself as an authentic Indian restaurant, Indigo also offers specialties from the tandoor. This is a cylindrical oven that is typically used for cooking and baking in Indian cuisine. One of the most well-known tandoori dishes on Indigo’s menu is the Tandoori Chicken, a roasted delicacy that is marinated in yoghurt and seasoned with a sophisticated combination of spices.
Also, the famous Indian Naan is baked in the

tandoori oven. It makes the layperson break out in sweat to watch Indigo’s cooks prepare this flatbread. With their bare hands, they reach deep into the steaming hot cylinder and stick the dough against the walls. When the bread is ready it is skillfully removed with the help of two long iron bars; a job that needs years of practice in order not to burn yourself.

“That’s why all of my employees in the kitchen are experienced cooks from India,“ says Singh. This is part of what makes his food taste so authentic. “We are not cooking by some kind of recipe book – we don’t use any measures for the spices. Our cooks have their containers with spices and just take from everything as much as they feel is needed.“ Rather like a painter, in fact, who knows just how to create a perfect indigo, the colour between blue and violet in the rainbow spectrum.

Every dish is made as per the prescribed recipe, but the cooks do not use measures but their experience in adding spices to the dishes.

The outlet in Pest holds around 70 people in its spacious two-storey venue, while the Buda companion is slightly smaller and can accommodate up to 60 diners. The latter also offers a terrace during the warm months. Both venues are tastefully decorated, with cosy, elegant interiors that make them an ideal location not just for a romantic dinner but also for an informal business lunch. Indigo Pest and Indigo Buda radiate the exotic charm of India that so many find alluring.

In the end the recipe to their success is quite simple: good and authentic dishes served in a pleasant surrounding by a courteous waiting staff who will help you make the perfect selection to suit your taste.

Indigo also offers a convenient delivery service.

Indigo Pest

Jókai utca 13, District VI
Open Monday to Sunday 12 noon-11pm
Reservations at (+36-1) 428-2187

Indigo Buda

Fény utca 16, District II
Open Monday to Sunday 12 noon-11pm
Reservations at (+36-1) 397-7077

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