The Taipei Representative Office in Budapest and the Palantir Film Visual Anthropological Foundation are organising the three-day, admission-free festival, and they are offering eight informative documentaries of the past couple of years in Mandarin with English and Hungarian subtitles. All screenings will be followed by a short Hungarian-language podium discussion.

Taiwan was first named "Beautiful island’, Ilha Formosa, by the Portuguese who sailed by. Due to the nation’s unique past and political and economic background, its film art is considered very colourful, and it can be generally stated that its documentaries are frequently more substantial than its feature films.

The documentaries explore a wide range of issues: politics, environmental protection and society often appear among the topics. Based on the experiences of the earlier festivals, it is established that sincere stories about Taiwanese people appeal to the Hungarian public. Viewers are invited to start thinking about the subjects’ individual fates, and again this year the largely unknown world will raise familiar questions.


Thursday, October 25
6pm: Opening speech by the Head of the Taipei Representative Office, Andrew Chang.
6.30pm: Deng Nan-guang’s 8 mm films (1935-1941, 56 minutes, Director: DENG Nan-guang)
Tradition-preserving pictures of Taiwan from the 1930s, showing close intimacy. Live piano accompaniment can be heard during the screening, performed by Yen-ting Wang of Taiwan. Black and white reality, female roles, family shots.
7.30pm: Question-and-answer session.
8pm: Opening reception in the Toldi Bar.

Friday, October 26
5pm: The Mountain (2015, 60 minutes, Director: SU Hung-en)
The documentary, which has won several awards, is about colonial oppression lasting for centuries, as seen by an old man from the Truku tribe. Rebellions, fears, aboriginal faith in humanity, intertwining fates.
6pm: Question-and-answer session.
6.30pm: Formosa (2014, 78 minutes, Director: Charlie Chu)
Breath-taking scenery, green mountains covered in tea plantations, the vibrant blue of the ocean, Taiwanese masters, aboriginal culture. The film pays tribute to the Taiwanese who have kept traditions alive until now.
7.50pm: Question-and-answer session.
8.15pm: Hard Good Life (2008, 75 minutes, Director: HSU Hui-ju)
Father-daughter relationship without optic illusions, painful passing away, the story of loss, fight against cancer day by day and final disintegration. Touching everyday pictures from the point of view of a female director for whom her father’s love was the most important thing.
9.25pm: Question-and-answer session.

Saturday, October 27
5pm: "Return", 2017, 19 minutes.
5.20pm: "Spectrum of Nostalgia", 2017, 24 minutes.
5.45pm: Question-and-answer session.
6.15pm: "Out/Marriage", 2012, 68 minutes.
7.25pm: Question-and-answer session.
8pm: "Path of Destiny", 2017, 71 minutes.
9.15pm: Question-and-answer session.
9.45pm: Closing speech.

Toldi Cinema
Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38, District V

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