# Yosemite National Park, USA

“We are a perfectly average couple. But we had a not very ordinary idea, and we made that come true. After our wedding, we took off for a trip around the world, and for four years this journey was our lives.” This is how Arpad Harkanyi and his wife Zita Zarug introduce their more than 300-page book “How Can We Travel Around the World for 10 Euros a Day per Person?”

# Bolivia

They stood on the top of volcanoes and saw the colourful world of seas below the surface. They pedalled their bikes on the frozen passes of the Pamir Mountains in Central Asia at the beginning of the winter and in the greatest tropical heat by the Equator. They lived through unforgettable adventures on very little money. They learned to find accommodation, to eat and to travel cheaply and cleverly. On average, they spent about EUR 10 per person a day, and that covered all their expenses.

They learnt much during their trip and they say they published the book so as to make such a journey easier for others. Apart from their own exciting stories, the pages contain a great deal of useful information. They answer such intriguing questions as how they completed four years of travel after running out of their original amount of money within two years. How did they get a work permit that allowed them employment on a farm in New Zealand to finance further parts of the expedition? How can you cross the Atlantic Ocean on a luxurious liner in two weeks with full board for only EUR 270? How can you hitchhike cars or sailing boats? How can you hire for one dollar a day – or even for free – a camper for six people? What did they do when they became very ill in Nepal, in Indonesia? How does one learn – at least on a basic level – some of the local languages?

# Tajikistan

It is a fascinating question in itself how a couple can spend days and nights together for four years without having arguments. This is even more puzzling when one finds out that their interests are so different. While Zita (the wife) was not very sporty, was not so keen on riding a bike (especially not uphill), Arpad loved those challenges. Zita liked the seaside; Arpad found it boring. Throughout the journey not only did they develop friendships in most parts on the world but on top of it all they remained friends themselves, loving each other, and are now expecting their first child in a few months. When I asked, Zita told me that she is not planning to go to the labour ward on a bike.

# Ácsteszér

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