I do believe that the best way to invest our time, energy and money is our children’s future. I was lucky enough to find partners who feel the same, so now we have institutes in two central locations.

It was important for us to help the working families, so we teach the children in the close vicinity of the parents, in the VIII and IX districts close to big office complexes. It makes the logistics much easier for the families. They save time during the daily routine and it’s comforting for them to know that their children are within reach.

First we operated only as a kindergarten, but we saw the growing demand for nursery services. Nowadays lots of mothers choose to get back to work early – either for personal or for financial reasons. To make this decision lightheartedly they have to know their children are in good hands. That is why we decided to expand our business and create nursery groups too. Now we enroll children from 18 months old.

Our kindergarten’s specialty is the early English education. We have both Hungarian and foreign children in our groups. The community is very colourful: Hungarian, Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Mexican, French, Filipino, Brazilian and Russian children are playing and learning together. The multicolour cultural environment results in an open-minded and tolerant milieu in itself. And the common language – next to games is English.

The children don’t have to speak any English in order to register. The years spent in the kindergarten are enough for the little ones to gain confident English knowledge, which they can rely on and build upon in the school years.


And all this happens very simply, embedded in playing and not needing any effort from the children. They learn the language unconsciously, the same as they learn to tie their shoe laces and use cutlery over the years.

I’m very proud of the professional team. The work of the qualified pedagogues is supported by foreign language assistants. Nobody is only doing their job here. They do it with their hearts.

We operate as a family business – in all senses. Here not only the children feel themselves in a carefree, homely environment, but the colleagues too. We place great emphasis on having a continuous and vivid dialogue with the parents. We consider them partners, because our goal is the same. We need each other. In this relationship, everybody is important: the children, the parents, the teachers. It’s a teamwork that works well because we treat each other equally.

I feel successful because I know that at MindenKid we do work that matters. We create real value and provide lasting experiences for the children that will be important and determinative in their lives. I see day by day how the youngsters grow to be open-minded, curious, independent, tolerant, creative and self-disciplined individuals.

Many of our graduates prove that we are on the right track. And we have great plans for the future!

More info: http://www.mindenkid.hu/

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