Fantastic horses, professional horsemen and flamenco dancers of the Córdoba Ecuestre Spanish Royal Riding School are the Andalusian Fiesta’s most important actors. During the impetuous, Mediterranean-style performance 50 horses and riders, flamenco dancers and their musical accompaniment make the program unique around the world. Two world-famous Kossuth Prize winner Hungarian opera singers are joining the Budapest event: Attila Kiss B and Erika Miklósa, who will appear on horseback during the performance. The singers and the symphonic orchestra will be conducted by András Déri, director Zsolt Meskó.


Among other Hungarian performers of the equestrian show, a queen riding carousel of eight beautiful black horses will appear and a former horse-driving World Champion, Gábor Szegedi will drive a four—in-hand carriage in the Arena's arsenal. Besides the inimitable Spanish horses, catchy tunes and world star singers, Andalusian Fiesta also provides some very special moments of flamenco dancing.

The Córdoba Ecuestre Royal Spanish Equestrian School is the most famous cultural ambassador of Spain’s largest region, Andalusia. By its performances at home, in Cordoba, or by the foreign tours, they promote the Andalusian lifestyle, with the harmony of riding, music, dance and singing, and their audience feel like in Andalusia for a few hours, wherever they are in the world.

Andalusian Fiesta with the Spanish Royal Riding School’s horses and Erika Miklósa on the 2nd and 3rd December in the Arena.

See you at the Fiesta! Olle!

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