Due to its history and political and economic background, Taiwan’s cinema is very diverse. Generally speaking, Taiwan’s documentaries tend to be richer than feature films and they touch upon politics, environment, society and many other topics. From the experience of the past two years, Hungarian audiences have been very receptive to the true stories of real people from Taiwan. In 2017 these documentaries will again provoke thought by introducing unique personal fates:

KALAY NGASAN: OUR HOME (2016, 47 minutes. Director: HUANG Hao-chieh)

screening: Thursday, November 2, 18:30

Wilang learned rattan weaving techniques and hunted with elders in the mountains since he was a boy. He has an old soul. His mission is to find the place where their ancestors used to live and search for the original design of Atayal houses.

THE WEIGHT OF LIFE (2013, 70 minutes. Director: CHU Po-ying, LIAO Maggie)

screening: Friday, November 3, 18:00

The story of a teenage weightlifting team with three aboriginal girls. They were either raised in an orphanage or single-parent home, or by their grandparents. Burdened with familial responsibility and personal goals, their challenge is not only to lift the heavy weights, but also to defy the odds in their arduous lives.

NOW AND THEN (2012, 9 minutes. Director: LIN Yu-sheng)

screening: Friday, November 3, 19:30

These Vietnamese women workers have been in Taiwan for two months. Through letters to their faraway homes, and dreamy night talks that parallel with reality, the documentary states the nostalgia they experience at the moment.

THE IMMORTALS’ PLAY (2016, 113 minutes. Director: LAI Li-chun, PENG Jia-ru)

screening: Friday, November 3, 19:40

Annie, a Vietnamese singer, is a member of the Taiwanese opera troupe with her husband. Besides raising her daughter who suffers developmental delay and learning the new language to inherit the tradition of the troupe, the declining audiences portend an uncertain future. The troupe continues to do its best and dedicates the performances to God.

LOOKING FOR? (2016, 60 minutes. Director: CHOU Tung-yen)

screening: Saturday, November 4, 20:20

This is the first question on all gay dating apps, so director Chou asked the same from 60 gay men from various cities across the world. The stories about love, disappointments, breakups and the perplexing answers will make us ask ourselves: What are we looking for?

MODELING TAIWAN (2000, 78 minutes. Director: HUANG Ting-fu)

screening: Saturday, November 4, 18:30

This is about a group of figure models in Taiwan searching for the path towards liberation of the body. In the years 1995 to 2000, they stood up to say why they wanted to be models through their spoken and written words, videos, art and work.

FLOWER ISLAND (1999, 57 minutes. Director: HUANG Ting-fu)

screening: Saturday, November 4, 17:00

A remote island with a population of a hundred. A deaf but highly intelligent little boy. A couple who make a living out of the sea. A young female teacher discontent with a plain and simple life. Should they fight against nature? Or do they let the beautiful ocean swallow all the important questions of life?

Detailed program and more information: http://palantirfilm.hu/taiwan-dox-2017-tajvani-dok...

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