Originally set up by large international corporations in Central and Eastern Europe mainly to benefit from good quality workforce at competitive prices, SSCs have now evolved from cost centres to complex organisations operating at the top of the business game in a truly global environment.
The different denominations nowadays used for these highly productive structures show the rapid evolution that the sector has been dealing with over the past 10 years. “Business service centres”, “global business services” or “centres of excellence” are now proliferating in the entire region, attracting skilled human resources and contributing greatly to the economic development of the countries in which they settled.
But more than ever, the actors of the sector are today working to re-invent the model and develop the SSC of tomorrow. And Central and Eastern Europe, led by Poland and Hungary, is at the forefront of some new strategic moves to face the many challenges that new technologies, international competition and new generations’ arrival to the workplace bring to SSC operations.
Organisations in the region have understood the importance of collaborating together to grow the industry as a whole and this is why Budapest will welcome on May 11-12 an international convention gathering SSCs’ top managers from all around Central and Eastern Europe to share experience and discuss visions of where the sector should go in the coming years.
“The CEE Strategic Shared Services Conference has been developed with the support of SSC leaders across the region to encourage networking and exchange of ideas in a time of fierce competition, not only regionally but internationally also,” commented Jules Hudry-Prodon, director of the event.
“After researching with the main players, we have discovered that most of the challenges that SSC managers face can be included in four categories. This is how the ‘SSC’s 4 Strategic Pillars Concept’, real spinal column of the event was born.”
Developed around the concept, the conference will indeed cover timely topics around the lines of business process optimisation, human resources strategy, internal communications and technology integration.
More information on the speakers, agenda, participants and conditions to attend can be found on the website of the event: www.ceessc.com.
The CEE Strategic Shared Services Conference will take place in the Boscolo Hotel, Erzsébet körút 9, District VII.

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