There are presidential primaries in the United States and half of the world is terrified. The reason for the fear is not a crisis or a threat, coming from the United States to the rest of the world, but a well-known New York billionaire, Donald Trump. Although Trump is married to his third wife now, he received his nickname from the first wife, a Czech sport star. Since then he is called “The Donald”. Trump is currently leading the Republican Party presidential candidates’ fight, and there is a real chance that he could win the nomination. He then would campaign against Hillary Clinton who, in all likelihood, will be the Democratic Party’s presidential choice. Trump’s story is not that of an American self-made man. His grandfather was a millionaire and his father was a great New York entrepreneur, a successful man. The story of the youngest Trump’s life is not so special: money made from real estate, lots of litigation, bankruptcy, finally getting rich and an inner urge to play a political role. Unlike political scientists and a portion of those considering his chances, in my opinion there is no chance that Mr. Donald Trump will ever be called “Mr. President” in the United States. In certain circumstances he could become the Republican candidate in November. Even this is still not certain despite his great pre-election results , including New York on Tuesday.. Our man has found rock-hard supporters in about one-third of the voters, who think he is the best choice of this century. However, one third of the voters in a dual-party system is not enough for salvation.

Donald Trump is a talented, outspoken but raw, aggressive, rude person who is unfit for any political role. So why is he supported by one-third of the country?
Most of his supporters are male; within this group they are mostly white male. The self-proclaimed billionaire embodies the dissatisfaction of this group. Naturally every voter has his/her own good reasons for supporting a certain candidate, but Trump’s potential voters generally want to see him elected president for four main reasons.
The first one is the most important. It is hard to believe for foreigners that the middle- and working classes in the United States do not live better now than they did in the 1970s. But it is true.
Many people think that the decline of trade unions is responsible for the stagnating living standards, but the problem is more complicated. The Mexican, South American, Chinese and Vietnamese industry boom caused a massive de-industrialisation in the US.
America’s leadership thinks that today’s age is the cyber age, the age of services, the age of new technologies and we can transfer industry to less developed countries where the products are produced at a much lower price and shipped back to the US and to other developed countries.
But every maquilador factory opened by an American company in Mexico increased the number of jobless in the most industrialised parts of the US. And let’s be realistic: the 50-year-old seamstress will not be able to retrain herself into a computer technician during the summer holidays.
Despite this process unemployment is mostly conquered by creating new jobs in the US. But a lot of new jobs, e.g. in the service industry, do not pay as well as in the industries that have migrated abroad.
The liberalisation of world trade brought a lot of positive things to US citizens. Positive things, such as lower prices, lower inflation and worldwide introduction of some US products and services, but the living standards of the middle- and working classes, who lived happily in the 1970s, certainly did not increase.
Donald Trump promises a reversal of this process, and the compromissum free recapture of the US industrial potential.
The second reason why the majority of his supporters would like to see him as their president is their sense of being neglected by society. Young and middle-aged men, especially white men, observe but do not like the direction in which the US is moving.

Today we can find a protected group on every street corner in the US: blacks, Latinos, gays, fat people, people with disabilities, people suffering from special diseases, war refugees, starving African migrants and many other groups. So we are helping everyone to achieve the American dream.
Those who feel that they are always left out of everything are the working-class and middle-class white men, who do not drink, do not use drugs, support their family with a lot of work and raise their children, even if it is hard. They feel ignored and undefended, and they frankly are tired of the state supporting the loudest shouting minority groups.
These people want a simpler America and they are still chasing the American dream. Maybe they are not so socially sensitive, maybe they are not so open to the multicultural America, and maybe they do not like those whose welfare is financed from their tax dollars. They are Donald Trump’s flag-bearers.
The third reason for Trump’s ardent support is his dislike of political correctness. Although many Americans think that political correctness can lead us out of democracy, because it restricts our freedoms, most Americans are still willing to accept a milder version of this 21st-century invention.
However, by now most Americans think that the political elite, that put on its flag this idea, is wrong. It is incorrect to offend the feelings of other human beings but this idea is carried too far nowadays.
America has always been a country of the big-mouthed. While people in Europe won lawsuits against those who said something insulting about them, it was almost impossible to prevail in similar cases in the US.
Americans were proud of their free speech. Today, this has changed. They resent when a white man is unable to tell jokes about women, minorities, gays, fat people, religion, sex or certain politicians.
Business sector leaders live in the world of self-censorship. Large companies, especially multinationals, are sensitive. If any medium accuses them or any of their employees of not being solicitous enough about the protection of real or perceived minorities, they try to accommodate the complainant with servile humility at the majority’s expense.
The enemies of political correctness are Donald Trump’s friends. Any of the Trump speeches amount to the rejection of the idea of political correctness.
The fourth reason for his substantial support is the impotence of the current President, Barack Obama, and his Administration. To start with, unfortunately Obama is not one of our more talented presidents. Then he was less able to implement his policy, especially after the opposition took control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
This beautiful country was established on the idea of success, innovation and progress. In the last few years with various initiatives Obama was able to manoeuver the country’s projects from bankruptcy to bankruptcy, from unsuccessfulness to tragedy.
The greatly promoted Arab Spring turned into the Arab Winter, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands. He did not allow our intelligence people to do their jobs and now we have to face an incredibly strong Islamic State. He introduced a health insurance system that may yet take the country into bankruptcy.
He was unable to control military expenditures. His cowardly foreign policy led to confusion, unrest and the appearance of socialist demagogues in Central and South America. Our diplomats were busy forcing on other countries a code of ethics envisioned by the Obama Administration, rather than serving American interests.
Maybe some of Trump’s ideas are absurd and incomprehensible, and others are not recommended for implementation. But his philosophy and attitude are fundamentally different from Barack Obama’s, for whom the greatness of the United States does not seem to be an important goal. Many voters support the man who is the least Obama as a protest against the Obama Administration.
As we can see, many Americans would be happy if their next president would be called Donald Trump. But he will not be. Most of the voters would never accept a president who is rude, vulgar and openly asserts his insensitiveness to a good portion of our citizens and many other countries.

Although many in the electorate agree with most of his ideas, the majority will not vote for him. They are willing to buy his thoughts about the US but they will not buy the man himself.

George F. Hemingway

American-Hungarian businessman, lawyer

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