A music sommelier putting on soft pop hits, a flickering fire in the hearth and luxuriously broad sofas – there is a touch of decadence when walking into the ground-floor lounge of Kempinski Hotel Corvinus called “The Living Room” on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and settling down to a late breakfast.

The modern ambiance fulfils the promise of the name: The Living Room perfectly creates the comfort of a cosy lounge with its soothing beige and brown, fluffy carpet, numerous armchairs and couches, and wooden wall shelves – only in a much more stylish way. Each decorative element is teasingly sophisticated, ranging from the glass-mirror combinations on the wall over the abstract pattern on the carpet and the furniture up to the full candy jars on the shelves, providing The Living Room with a definite retro-charm.

Brunch à la carte

Actually it’s almost customary that restaurants offer brunch in the form of an overflowing open buffet, with the eggs, sausages and pancakes sizzling in metal warming containers for as long as hours. This affects more than the quality of the food.

The brunch buffets with fixed prices often result in eating too much unnecessarily or an unsatisfactory price-performance ratio. Both cases are annoying. The Benediction Brunch

is not like this. All the dishes are prepared fresh upon your order and served on decorative dishes, presented with love. And you pay for what you eat.

Since the brunch is a meal in between breakfast and lunch, the menu card of the Benediction Brunch unifies the best of the two. The specialty is Eggs Benedict, which is offered in numerous variants – all as tasty as each other. Traditionally Eggs Benedict is prepared from a poached egg laid on a roasted slice of ham, served with a hollandaise sauce. At Kempinski you can try this delicacy even with crab meat and asparagus, ratatouille and sausages from Debrecen or with salmon and hash browns.
Besides the egg varieties the offer of fresh oysters is also something really special at Benediction Brunch: you can order them by piece or by a half dozen on a degustation plate; either served in the traditional way, raw on ice or with garnish and backed with spinach and hollandaise.
If you are rather looking for a light lunch at brunch time, you can choose from wiener schnitzel, fish filets or the thinly sliced but still very juicy Flap Steak.

Bubbles and celebrity spotting

Of course, for a truly decadent Sunday brunch you can’t do without some bubbles. The menu offers a decent selection, including from Kreinbacher winery in Somló and from Sauska of Tokaj. If you would like to spice up the morning or are looking for the right hangover agent after a boozy Friday night, Benediction Brunch offers a small but fine range of uplifting alcoholic cocktails. They have funny names such as “Hideaway”, “Awakening” or “Morning side car”.

The brunch is rounded off by a number of desserts, ranging from waffles and pancakes to fruit sorbets, different cakes, fruits and yoghurt specialties. After eating you might stay to enjoy a coffee, browsing through the Hungarian or English magazines or just looking at the hustle and bustle in the busy lobby of the international hotel.

Many Hungarian celebrities from business, politics and culture like to visit Kempinski to enjoy the gastronomic ground floor, which includes Nobu, ÉS Bisztró, the Blue Fox Bar and ÉS Deli, besides The Living Room.
Our evaluation: For morning gourmets the Benediction Brunch is simply a must in Budapest. The oyster bar is a really special highlight. It’s an advantage that, as opposed to an open buffet, you only pay for what you have ordered. However, if you would like to fill up your stomach and skip having a separate lunch all in all, you should select a combination of several courses from the offer of the menu card.

Benediction Brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday
from 9.30am-2pm

The Living Room on the ground floor of the Corvinus Hotel Kempinski Budapest
7-8 Erzsébet tér, District V

Reservations at (+36-1) 429-4489



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