I’m not, so I’m just going to go ahead and say that I will support everything Hungarian taxi drivers decide to do about Uber. Ok, perhaps not everything. One of the “smart” ones among the blockading drivers – insert your favourite cabbie joke here – came up with the brilliant idea that they ought to demand the ban of Uber. Well, I’ve got bad news for you: we don’t do that any more. We used to. Up until about 27 years ago. Oh, and I also will not support the beating up of Uber drivers, which they also did. Ok, perhaps I don’t want to have to freeze to death on New Year’s Eve again even after I ordered a cab for 1.30am two days before 2015 was over, and I also don’t want my friends to have to pay 30 grand for a ride from the airport ever again, so I will not support deregulation of cab services either. What I will support is the stricter taxation of Uber drivers, because at this point they don’t pay any taxes and that’s not fair. Not fair to cabbies and not fair to the rest of us who get a salary statement and see that their taxes are automatically deducted. To quote Rachel from the TV series “Friends” when she gets her first ever paycheck: “Who is FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act)? Why is he getting all my money?” FICA automatically got a part of Rachel’s money and in the 21st century it is really easy to do that with the taxes as well. Just have Uber deduct it from the drivers and send it to the taxman. I understand that this will probably make the service a bit more expensive but it’s still going to be a lot cheaper and more reliable than a taxi, and then cab drivers can go ahead and stick their meters up their…

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